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Escort Data Loggers Inc. was established by Andrew Maskill in 1989 and was formerly known as Tech Innovators Ltd, and more recently as Escort Data Logging Systems Ltd. Through investing in people and research and development, Escort Data Loggers Inc. delivers the latest in cost effective data logging solutions in order to meet their customers ever growing requirements for temperature monitoring. In 2002 management and fulfillment operations were shifted to the United States and are now located in Virginia. With a focus on building a strong worldwide distributor network, Escort Data Loggers Inc developed distribution partnerships with highly successful organizations throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific.

Acquired in 2011 by TCP Reliable, Escort Verification Technologies (Formerly Escort Data Loggers, Inc.) provides data loggers used for Cold Chain Monitoring and Cold Chain Visibility to ensure Food, Medical and Pharmaceutical products are stored and transported in correct temperature conditions contributing to Food, Medical and Pharmaceutical safety. In August 2013 Escort Verifcation Technologies merged with Alternatives Technology Pharma (ATP) to create Cryopak Verification Techonologies (CVT).

Temperature Monitoring
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iLog Temperature Loggers

• High Temperature Data Loggers

• Temperature Monitors for Life Science

• Food & Beverage Temperature Indicators

• Temperature Monitoring Software

Web: www.cryopak.com

Cryopak Verification Technologies
120 Parkway Drive
Buchanan, VA 24066

Tel: 540.254.1433
Fax: 540.254.2433
Toll-Free: 877.999.3357

Cryopak Headquarters

551 Raritan Center Parkway
Edison, NJ 08837
Phone: 732-346-9200
Fax: 732-346-0295

Cryopak Montreal

6818 Jarry St. East
St. Leonard, QC H1P 1W3
Phone: 514.324.4720
Fax: 514.324.9623



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