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Cryopak | Thermal Packaging for Cold Chain Distribution

Cryopak, thermal packaging, cold chain distribution, insulated shipping

About Cryopak
Servicing global pharmaceutical companies, as well as fine North American retailers and consumer goods companies. Cryopak Industries engineers cold chain packaging solutions and supply products that help our customers safely transport their temperature sensitive products. The materials and manufacturing processes cover a full spectrum of products from insulated shippers to manufacturing phase change materials and temperature monitors. 

Our Package Design and Prototyping Center can provide expert package design, development and prototyping services for those clients who desire to outsource their package development function. Low volume packaging production is offered to support national clients through staff and operations based in southern California, New Jersey and New England. 

Services can be performed in conformance with ISO 9001:2000, ISTA and ASTM test methodology, and FDA good manufacturing practices. 

Cryopak maintains manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, Arkansas, Vancouver, Montreal and Maromme, France.

Products and Services

Contact Us:

Gel Packs

Web: www.cryopak.com http://www.cryopak.com/fr/


TCP/Cryopak Locations

United States
551 Raritan Center Parkway

Edison, NJ 08837

Tel: 732.346.9200

Fax: 732.346.0295

Eastern Canada
6818 Jarry St East
St Leonard, QC H1P 1W3

Tel: 514.324.4720

Fax: 514.324.9623

Western Canada
1053 Derwent Way
Delta, BC V3M 5R4

Tel: 604.515.7977

Fax: 604.515.7978

6 rue Denis Papin
ZI la Maine
76150 Maromme

Tel: +33(0) 2 32 82  59 65

Fax: +33(0) 2 32 82 59 66


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