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Cryopak Verification Technologies | Cold Chain Monitoring and Compliance

About Cryopak Verification Technologies, Inc.
Escort Verification Technologies, (formerly Alternatives Technologie Pharm, Inc.), merged with Escort Data Loggers, Inc. in 2011 and became Escort Verification Technologies, Inc. (EVT)   EVT is a supplier of cold chain management solutions having products and services integrated into global solutions focused on the specific needs of the pharmaceutical, life sciences and transportation markets. EVT offers specialized services and products for temperature monitoring, cold chain management and compliance. EVT provides specialized cold chain regulatory services such as compliance audit, gap analysis, training, validation and qualification as well as specific cold chain technical services (mapping, profiling).

Among many other solutions, ThermoProfile™ and Mirador™ are the principal computerized solutions that have been developed and marketed for monitoring temperature and cold chain and ensuring the product integrity. All solutions follow the guidelines of the ICH QA, USP, WHO, Health Canada, GAMP, ISO, FDA (CFR21 part 11) and PIC/S. 

In August 2013 Escort Verifcation Technologies merged with Alternatives Technology Pharma (ATP) to create Cryopak Verification Techonologies (CVT).

Products & Services

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Regulatory Compliance Services include:

Cold Chain Process Analysis

Cold Chain Quality and Gap Analysis Audit; Visit; Report & Recommendations

Regulatory Support, Documentation and Training:

Personnel Training, Cold Chain Quality and Compliance

Assistance for Quality Documentation, SOP writing.

Temperature Distribution Mapping Services:

Equipment Mapping

Warehouse Mapping, (summer, winter)

Truck-trailer mapping (Vehicles)

Temperature Profile Study of Shipping Lanes:

Ambient Temperature Profile Study & Analysis (summer, winter)

Validation & Qualification:

Qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ) of thermal facilities, equipment and vehicles.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Systems (web based and self hosted products)

Transportation and secondary packaging for the cold chain

Facility and Cold Storage warehouse monitoring

Equipment monitoring

Tractor trailer and container monitoring

Web: www.cryopak.com

Cryopak Verification Technologies, Inc.

120 Parkway Drive
P.O. Box 309
Buchanan, VA
Tel: 540-254-1433
Fax: 540-254-2433


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