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The TCP Family of Companies is a complete package integrity solutions provider servicing the life science industries. The TCP Family consists of  Cryopak, the leading manufacturer and innovator of cold chain related products and DDL, the leader in product, material and package validation testing for the medical device and biopharmaceutical industries.  Cryopak includes three divisions, Cryopak Verification, Cryopak Cold Chain Packaging and Cryopak Quality Assurance.  Cryopak Verification specializes in the monitoring of temperature sensitive products and includes products such as data loggers as well as Mirador, a wireless tracking solution that  monitors temperatures in real time.  Cryopak Cold Chain Packaging manufactures temperature controlled products such as refrigerant gel packs and insulated shipping containers.  Cryopak Quality Assurance offer services such as lane mapping, design and testing services and thermal modeling simulation.

The TCP family of companies offers the most complete range of distribution packaging and engineering products and services to the fast growing medical device and biopharmaceutical segments of the life sciences industry.  Our technical depth and size provide a unique engineerall your packaging projects with one paramount goal; helping you get your product to market faster while maintaining the integrity of your products.

We currently have no job openings at for any of the TCP Reliable Companies.  Please feel free to submit your resume for us to keep on file for future job opportunities.  If you’re interested in job opportunities at Cryopak please contact Holly Emigh, our HR Support Specialist.

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