About TCP Reliable

TCP Reliable is a family of companies dedicated to insuring the integrity of your cold chain pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical device products.

You’ve put your very best to get your product ready for market. Now success depends upon how well you insure they perform against temperature, physical extremes and other hazards as they travel and are used by your customers.

To meet this challenge – reliably and cost effectively – America’s elite pharmaceutical, medical device, biomedical, and biotechnology firms turn to the TCP Family of Companies. Our packaging solutions deliver as promised. And because they do, a growing number of firms in food, electronics, and other non-pharma fields also make us their packaging partner.

Commitment to Quality

The management of TCP Reliable Inc. is committed to providing the customer with a quality product that consistently meets the customer’s requirements. To do this TCP Reliable Inc. is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. Ultimately coupled with our commitment to full service support, TCP Reliable Inc. continues to fulfill its mission statement –  TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

 -Maurice Barakat, President/CEO

Our Family of Companies

Proven Solutions for Product Integrity